SIMEC Group was established with the aim of creating a diverse, efficient, and productive environment with state-of-the-art facilities for economic and technological growth.

Since its independence in 1971, Bangladesh has gone through various ups and downs. Bangladesh is currently in a developmental pathway, crossing its silver jubilee. The government of Bangladesh has emphasized the role of digital technologies in creating a technologically advanced and sustainable society, a ‘Smart Bangladesh’. This vision requires collective efforts, and SIMEC is ready to assist Bangladesh in achieving that dream.

SIMEC intends to bring modern engineering and medical technologies as well as smart education systems to Bangladesh. SIMEC Group has endeavored to create sustainable communities by creating employment and utilizing the human resources in Bangladesh who are mostly youths.

We encourage you to invest in Bangladesh and become a part of the country’s promising future. SIMEC Group is committed to helping you put your ideas into action. Our goal is to ensure satisfactory services maintaining quality and diligence. We welcome your participation.

Think about Bangladesh, think about us.

Engr. Sardar Md. Shaheen
M. Sc. Engg. (Japan)
Founder Chairman