SIMEC is one of the most reputed business consulting companies in the context of Bangladesh. Since its’ establishment in 2000 as a global consulting firm based in Asia, we have continued to expand our global network while providing high value-added consulting services that assist our clients in expanding their business operations on a global basis. Over past two decades, our specialization is in providing consultation for the Japanese renowned investors Who enthusiastically intend to invest in abroad. We have successfully organized and arranged all kinds of support to the Japanese entrepreneurs to start business in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

Our deep understanding of the Japanese culture allows us to spot the business barriers of Japanese professionals in abroad and accordingly we customized our end to end service and deliver the best practices, taking account of the different cultural aspects and business customs of each country and locality.

It is our policy to continue to work closely with each client with a sense of commitment on a long term basis to ensure the achievements of the business goal.

Vision To Completion

We provide management services for the lifecycle of a project and deliver service excellence across all project types. The business consulting management teams at SIMEC are highly responsive, flexible and experienced in managing your business project. Regardless of size or complexity, our local, regional and global expertise allows to support you at every level, offering customized and creative solutions.

Through extensive consultation and analysis, we assess each new project from your perspective and with full understanding of your objectives and establish the overall scope. By utilizing innovative technologies, we keep projects on schedule, reduce

technical risks, meet budget requirements and ensure compliance with relevant regulations, quality standards, construction permits and insurance guidelines. We continually invest in new technologies and processes to strengthen our already established capabilities and enhance our services offering. We know you need someone you can rely on when taking your infrastructure program or complex project from vision to completion. SIMEC will take the time to understand your requirements and mobilize the best talent in the industry to meet your needs.