SIMEC Ltd provides Emergency Medical and Clinical Management service in different construction site office, factories and industries and different garments where occupational health hazard risk is high. A medical booth with basic lifesaving instrument and expert medical personal does the job.

And SIMEC is providing the support In association with SHIN-SHIN JAPAN Hospital Ltd. a Japan-Bangladesh joint venture hospital has been operating in Uttara, Dhaka since 2009 and serving people all around the country with extremely high reputation.

From First Aid service to Intensive Care Unit SHIN-SHIN JAPAN Hospital Ltd. has all the modern facilities and services.

  • First Aid service for any accident
  • Carrying the wounded patient from accident site with expert people through
  • stretcher or wheel chair
  • Refer emergency patient to hospital by communicating properly
  • Regular and ad-hoc basis health check-up
  • Wide range of basic medicine availability
  • Ambulance service